Media Credentials Application

By applying for media credentials for Big LLou's 7th Annual Blues Hall of Fame Tribute Jam, you acknowledge that you wish to apply for a Media/Photographer's Pass for Big LLou's Tribute Jam on Wed., May 8th, 2019.  If I am granted a pass, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. I will wear and display my photo/media credentials at all times. 

2. I'm aware that and accept that the photo/media pass allows me to enter protected areas around the performers, Blues Hall

    of Famers and VIP's and is for the sole purpose of taking photographs and reporting on the festivities.

3. I agree to do live postings, in real time to my outlets social media platforms in real time. 

4. I agree to be sensitive and aware of the needs of the public's viewing of the performances and if instructed to move by a 

    member of the "Tribute Jam security and/or staff, I will do so. 

5. I have my own insurance and understand that the venue or Big LLou's Blues Hall of Fame Tribute Jam organizers will not be liable for any           loss or damage to my equipment while at the event. 

7. I shall refrain from entering private and restricted areas of the venue with prior permission of the Media Coordinator and understand that         only a limited number of media/photogs are allowed in the "Press Room" and admittance to these areas may be denoted on my pass.

8. A letter of assignment or further documentation may be requested by the event organizers before confirmation. 

9. I agree to supply the event organizers with any all photography/video taken while covering the event, at not charge to the organizers.